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Is Your Due Diligence Period Long Enough?

A purchase and sale contract is an essential part of any land transaction. It outlines the steps of the transaction in a way that both the buyer and seller can both understand. And when obstacles arise during the

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Land Buying Tips Preparing for the Closing

You’ve found a piece of land and you’re ready to buy. What can you expect at closing? Depending on the circumstances, buying land can be very different than buying real estate. In many cases, the process is much

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The Best Places to Buy Land in the US

Some states have better land opportunities than others. Investors that want to buy a decent sized lot will find that New Jersey has unreasonably high prices for land. Alternatively, states, such as Florida,

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Tips to Choosing the Right Land to Buy

With every investment you make, you always want to make the right choice. Land investing can yield great returns, but not all land is created equal. Anyone can buy cheap land in areas

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Why Land is a Smart Investment

Thinking of investing in land? Chances are, you’ve heard both sides of the land investment argument. Some say it’s a smart choice, while others believe that investing in land won’t provide you with an acceptable return.