Are You Interested in Homesteading? This is Better!

Are You Interested in Homesteading?  This is Better!

The Homestead Act was signed in 1862. This law was to give the poor people and freed slaves an opportunity to own a piece of the American dream. They were allotted up to 160 acres. They were required to make improvements and to work the land in some way such as farming. They had to pay the government 1.25 per acre for five years, and the land would be theirs.

Unfortunately, they could not afford the tools to farm the land or the seeds they needed to plant. The majority of them lost their land.

This was a huge step forward as prior to this the “Crown” held title to all the land and those who received a plot of land were called “tenants in chief.” They would parcel out small portions in lieu of services to tenants who would once again divide the parcels and give them to those who owed them something.

Being a landowner then, as well as now, was a position of political power as well as a statement of importance and wealth. Little has changed.

The last legal homestead was in Alaska in 1988. That law was repealed and rewritten many times over the years and now does not even resemble the original intention.

Homestead today is essentially protection from creditors and a break on property taxes if you meet the qualifications. It is not acknowledged in every state, and they each have their own definition and benefits. If you are serious about getting your slice of the American pie, this is the time to do it. Prices are as low as 1000.00 plus a small document fee that includes the closing costs and everything else. The property taxes on these properties are often as little as 18.00 a year, depending on where you choose to live in.

This is raw or undeveloped land. The size of the plot varies from approximately 1.5 acres to ¼ of an acre. Some are already leveled and have electricity established or readily available. The water is either city or well water, and the sewage is either city or septic tanks.

Now, if you are not familiar with modern septic tanks of today, you probably just shutter at the thought of it. They are entirely different. The materials are durable, smaller in size and extremely efficient. They don’t back up or overflow, and you don’t have a huge mound on your land to mark the spot. Furthermore, the cost of city sewer is nearly double or more than with a septic tank.

The land locations and amenities vary of course. You can find property in nearly every state including California, Florida, Texas, and Colorado to name a few. There is farmland, resort style near lakes, and even typical beach bum styles available.

One point you need to consider is not only where you really want to buy, but the weather and the homestead exemption laws. You will get tax breaks on raw land, but it never hurts to know what your options are.

Ask if there is a time limit to make improvements, or if you can lease the land out for specific usage. Some people want to live on the land while they build, but most counties no longer allow that. There are some that make exceptions, but they are usually for very limited amounts of time, not long enough to build a home.

The rage today is tiny houses and that too would be a question to be asked of the zoning boards that regulate the area you want to buy in. Ask before you buy, don’t let the horses out and then close the barn door. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to investigate ahead of time and come to the table prepared to make a decision.

There are several ways to search for records you need. Some are better than others of course. The link is one that is very thorough and very well priced. Doing your homework ahead of time is one way to prevent disappointments later on. You need to know what you are buying and what is included in that purchase.

There are several articles on our website that offers suggestions for your checklist. You need to make a list and be sure you actually see all the documents in writing.

So what are you waiting for? The land is going quickly, and the prices will only rise. Get it done, make a decision. It is your future.

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