How to Stay on the Right Side of Nuisance Abatement Teams

How to Stay on the Right Side of Nuisance Abatement Teams

The news is cluttered with the incidence of military type takeover of homes and land without compensation. The finger points directly at something called agenda 21, a United Nations note of intent but it is not a treaty.
That allowed then President Georg Bush to sign it without the normal senate debate being required. Therefore, it is not a law under the constitution article six. The final signing took place in 1992 and the United States House of Representatives supported the implementation of Agenda 21.

It is all about money, of course; they call it sustainable development. That means investors’ money can buy whatever they want regardless of article six and the constitution. The opposition has grown tremendously, but the Republican National Committee has adopted a strong resolution against agenda 21 and stated it erodes what America is all about. The fact is the Federal government can and does seize property across the United States. Many say it is done without cause, but the details are not published, so it’s hard to evaluate the validity of such comments.

Don’t give them an excuse to take your land. Have all your documents of ownership recorded; keep a copy of all of them in a bank deposit box so you will have access. Don’t try to figure a way around the local and state laws, abide by them.

You often hear about “ways around the requirements” but sooner or later that can work against you. You could lose it all without recourse.

A large segment of the population believes it is a conspiracy to take land without cause and sell it at auctions for more money. They are sold at government auctions, but you never know why they were taken from the owners. The agencies involved in seizures and dispositions also share in the profits of those sales, so they are seen as having their own agenda. Searching for any details of such seizures has only culminated in confiscation for illegal activities or code and zoning laws.

If you chose to ignore the code and zoning regulations you can expect a visit from the authorities. Take no short cuts. Living off the grid is no longer considered safe in the eyes of most communities and that gives them an excuse to seize.

Before you purchase land, investigate their laws regarding land seizures, know their required codes and planning limitations and remain within that bubble. All of that information is readily available on the internet or a phone call to the local planning committees.

The claims of innocent landowners, living within the boundaries of the law, having their land and property seized is somewhat suspect. Let’s face it – rarely do people accept their part in such events.

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