Land for Sale Nebraska – Oil Field Areas

Land for Sale Nebraska – Oil Field Areas

The oil and gas boom that the nation has experienced in recent years has got potential land buyers focusing on the profit possibly lying just under parcels of land in Nebraska. Although the state has ranch land and hunting property, prospective buyers may not be as interested now in those uses of the land. Counties with land for sale in the western border and a few in the southwest, in particular, are located in a good-sized portion of the Niobrara Shale area. In those areas, people have hundreds of acres for sale.

Counties Where the Oil and Gas Industry Is Active

Nineteen of Nebraska’s 93 counties, or about 20 percent of the state, have oil and gas production.  These counties are as follows:

– Richardson

– Franklin

– Harlan

– Furnas

– Red Willow

– Hitchcock

– Dundy

– Chase

– Hayes

– Frontier

– Lincoln

– Garden

– Duel

– Morrill

– Cheyenne

– Kimball

– Banner

– Scotts Bluff

– Sioux.

As this increase in the economy occurs credited to the oil and gas industry, land lots are sure to be more expensive than in the past. You might, therefore, expect to have to pay a premium in these counties. This increase will affect residential land for sale also.

Major Issues in Oil and Gas Counties

Several states have had issues arise involving the oil and gas industry and the community. Nebraska has not been immune to these controversies either. Right now, for example, Sioux County’s citizens and a Colorado company called Terex are in a battle over using an oil well that is no longer used as a brine disposal site. A brine disposal site is where drilling companies get rid of the residual saltwater from drilling operations, which usually contains “fracking” chemicals. Residents there are concerned about the safety of such an operation, even though over a hundred similar wells are currently operating in Nebraska. A recent check on acreage for sale in Sioux County showed 640 acres of country land.

And There’s Always Farm Properties To Consider Too

Oil and gas properties are probably the areas where owners, or at least the mineral owners, are getting the most bangs for their bucks. However, remember that Nebraska is an agricultural state, leading the country in red meat and beans production. And, agricultural products sold from the state’s farm are helping the economy grow. For example, $8.1 billion was brought into Nebraska’s economy by over $6 billion of those agricultural exports in 2013.

All land in Nebraska hit the $3,000 per acre mark in 2013. Land values jumped 11.4 percent from 2013 to 2014. Of the farm real estate in Nebraska, cheap farms are probably not going to be found unless they are foreclosed land. But the average foreclosure rate in this state is only 0.07 percent.

The farm properties and rural land in Nebraska may not immediately come to mind when you think of where to buy land. Many opportunities lie in the different land types this state has to offer. The hard work of Nebraskan farmers and the thriving energy industry have helped Nebraska become a serious land investment option.

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