The Best Places to Buy Land in the US

The Best Places to Buy Land in the US

Some states have better land opportunities than others. Investors that want to buy a decent sized lot will find that New Jersey has unreasonably high prices for land. Alternatively, states, such as Florida, have unbelievably low prices. From small half acre to several acre lots, there are options for every potential land owner.

Where are the best places to buy land in the US?

1. Florida

Once a place just for retirees, Florida is a hot spot for those wanting to buy land. Filled with sun and numerous vacant properties, you can buy land:

  • On fresh water canals for $4,500 in Lee County.
  • Right on the water. Five lots just sold together for $24,000 in Lehigh Acres.
  • That’s deemed commercial. A lot on Brevard County spanning 1.5 acres recently sold for $22,500.

Whether you’re buying land to build on it or you want to flip the land to make a strong return on investment, Florida is your best option.

2. California

From east to west, California is a dream location for most people. Land in the state is known to be very expensive, but you can find property that’s very affordable in north and south California.

Recent sales opportunities include:

  • Two lots spanning 1.5 acres in Kern Country for $1,999.
  • An owner financed ranch in northern California for $9,999. The property is a massive 20.7 acres.
  • Land in California City for the low price of $2,500.

Amazing possibilities exist in California. Mountain views and the ocean are two of the state’s main selling points.

3. Texas

When you’re searching for multiple acre lots, you’ll find that Texas has exactly what you need. The state is known for very low property taxes and its immense heat during the summer. Land that’s currently for sale includes:

  • For just $4,999, you can own 20 acres of land in Hudspeth County.
  • Presidio County lots that consist of 10 acres of land for just $2,500.
  • A beautiful lot in a gated community for $2,999.

These lots are some of the largest available and selling prices are far below the lot’s appraised value. Many of these properties also have road access and utility lines to make building your home even easier.

4. Colorado

If you want amazing views of the mountains, Colorado is the choice for you. Prices are so low in the state that many parcels are priced at below $1,000. These are prices that you can’t afford to miss.

The following great opportunities are available in the state:

  • Four lots totaling 1 acre for $999 in Costilla County.
  • Four lots in San Luis totaling 1 acre for $999.
  • Five acres of land in Alamosa County just sold for $2,250.

Properties with access to county roads and lakes are available.

When looking for land, you’ll find that there are a lot of options all across the country. With such low prices all over the 4 states above, you’ll be able to find an oasis void of city life or a beautiful lot near the suburbs at an unbelievable price.

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