What You Need to Know About Buying Farmland in The Good Old U.S.A.

What You Need to Know About Buying Farmland in The Good Old U.S.A.

Are you amongst the misinformed? Did you think farmland lost its value? Think again, it is the most solid investment you can make, and it has surpassed stocks for over ten years, according to the USDA.

It is expected to continue, and the only people that seem to recognize its true worth are the investors from china. In USA Today an article from 2012 stated 51 percent of all farmland sales were by foreign investors. Britain and China have invested about 440 billion dollars and Japan a mere 300 billion.

As food costs continue to rise so will the costs of farmland. The rich soil of America will so belong to other countries, and only a handful of hardworking citizens will continue our heritage. Investors also bring jobs, so it is not too discouraging. The point is if you want good farmland now is the time to buy it. Don’t wait until you have to pay British prices for American farmland.

The average farm has a total return on investment of about 15 percent. The average cost of these golden fields has nearly doubled over the last few years, and soon it will be far outside the reach of the average person if there is any left to buy at all.

Nothing is easy nor should it be. Buying and running a farm is hard work that demands special equipment and uncertain risks. Farm equipment doesn’t come cheap, and frequent maintenance is mandatory. Weather risks such as tornadoes, droughts and floods are all factors to consider, so having a thick safety margin is key to keeping your hair on you head. Another expense is the labor force, will you have to hire people to work the land and if so what are your liabilities?

The high sale prices of particular crops such as corn have gained the attention of worldwide investors. They offer so much money that farmers are selling land held by their families for generations. Our farming history is nearly obliterated and with it. our one great safety factor. Americas source of self-sustenance.

The average cost of the finest farmland is over 5000.00 per acre and increasing daily. The demand is greater, and the cash flow follows. There isn’t a great deal of farmland remaining that is reasonably priced, but when you find it, grab it.

There is a 44-acre farm available in Maine right now. Pictured on the left you can see the beauty for yourself. However, the real beauty is when it’s your family’s home you’re looking at. When it is your farm you are working and the fruits of your labor on your dinner table.

Perhaps one of the sweetest moments in life is driving up to a property like this and saying “we are home kids’ and as of this moment that can be your reality.

The property is still available with all mineral rights intact at less than 2000.00 an acre. All it takes to discover more is a single phone call or a click to our website.

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