What You Need to Know About Foreigners Investors Buying America

What You Need to Know About Foreigners Investors Buying America

It’s time for American citizens to get their heads out of the sand and take a look around. In the zest for soaring sale prices and a search for an easier lifestyle, we have sold most of our farmland and timberland to foreign investors.

Land that at one time belonged to hard working American farmers. Pictures like this will soon be obsolete because the land will belong to some corporation in China, Britain or maybe Japan. The Netherlands and Canada already own almost half of our forests and farmlands. China and Britain spent 440 billion dollars in the past years buying our best farmlands and Japan is right behind them.

Maine has sold off nearly 20 percent of their timberland to other countries. Much of that was to Canada, who shares borders with them. The authorities said they are more interested in what they do with the land rather than who owns it.

No doubt all these investments are a boost to the government’s bottom line. In times of financial crisis they like the farmers have run towards the dollar bill.

The question is what does the future hold for our children and our children’s children? One thing they won’t have is a chance to own a farm and live off the earth. They won’t start their own lumber company unless they work for a foreign country.

The United States has been called the melting pot for years, do you really think our forefathers ever thought we would sell the very land they fought and died for? Not likely.

Money isn’t everything or at least it shouldn’t be

It appears the values Americans once held dear have also been sold. The pride our grandparents displayed came from hard work and overcoming obstacles and owning the land they lived on. We were a country of people that settled on the raw land and turned it into our own little paradise; now we have surrendered to being renters.
We are relinquishing our rights to America. We fought against being slaves and subservient caretakers for hundreds of years. Our families died so we could rise up from those positions in life and now we just throw it away for a few quick dollars.

How do we change this trend?

It is no doubt too late to regain the land already lost. However, if every American (that can afford to) would buy a parcel of land in the United States did so, we can preserve what is left. I don’t believe most people are aware of how extensive foreign investments have grown.

They can live in another country, buy American houses and apartments and collect the rent over there. This is a common practice. They do pay taxes but at a different rate and they can defer some of them for years. They too have stiff requirements to be met, but they obviously realize how valuable our land is, and we obviously do not.

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