Why it’s time to buy Florida Land?

Why it’s time to buy Florida Land?

Historically one of the hottest and most active real estate markets for investors and buyers, Florida is once again topping the list of hot land markets to invest in. Its notorious beaches, tropical weather, and booming tourism industry has always been a magnet for visitors, retirees, and everyone else drawn to the Sunshine state making it the fourth most populated state in the US. As the economy recovered and is growing again, you can surprisingly still buy some off the cheapest and most lucrative US land available today.

When considering areas of notable growth and expansion, SW Florida stands out as an obvious choice for buyers looking to invest in land. With miles of sandy white beaches, warm climate and strong tourism industry makes it a top destination for retirees and visitors alike. With Sarasota county being in the top 10 fastest expanding areas in the US this year, its often overlooked city North Port, has the most appeal. Here’s why:

-The its low cost of living in comparison to Sarasota, it has steadily tripled its population since 2000, quietly growing into the biggest city in Sarasota County.

-Despite being one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, land prices are still cheap and have never recovered from their high selling point.The same lots that sold for 50k+ before the collapse can still be found for a fraction of their original high.

-Location. Its proximity to the areas beaches and easy access to everything SW Florida has to offer. The nations top rated beach, the worlds favorite Siesta Key Beach, is conveniently located 13 miles away.

-The famous Warm Mineral Springs, Florida’s only warm water mineral spring was recently annexed into city limits. With people traveling from all over the world to soak in its mineral-rich waters, its healing properties have made it a destination favorite.

-A Strong economic development with over 1 billion invested into new infrastructure, schools, and parks has increased job growth has driven unemployment rates below national averages.

The recent announcement of the Atlanta Braves spring training camp will bring in another 100 million in investment capital to the area. With an optimistic financial future, this area will bring more jobs and stability into an already booming city.

Investing into land can be one of the most exciting and rewarding investments that you can make. As land values grow and markets rise the payoffs can be often tremendous, rewarding the patient investor. Unlike other investments, land can be purchased cheap, often for just several thousand dollars and is an actual commodity that is real and tangible. With an ever growing demand for this limited supply, its a logical addition to any portfolio.

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